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The Department of State's requirements for gender marker/name change in passports is detailed here.


I had my photos taken at Austin Passport Express for $11.

You can do it yourself and save a trip and a few bucks as long as you adhere to the U.S. State Deparment's passport photo requirements:

  • Go to a Kinkos/FedEx print shop. They usually have photo printing stations where you can plug in an USB stick containing your pic and print it out on 5x7 photo quality paper.
  • Take the pic and print the photos on an inkjet printer on photo paper.
Required paperworks
  • DS-11 form, filled out
  • ID that resembles your current appearance.
  • Passport photo that resembles your current appearance (to be attached to DS-11 form).
  • Medical certification that indicates you are in the process of or have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition: follow the U.S. State Department's guidelines .
  • Proof of legal name change (if applicable), e.g. court order.

Go to one of:

  • The Travis County District Clerk’s Passport Acceptance Facility, 5501 Airport Blvd., 2nd Floor, Room 220, Austin, TX 78751
  • A post office.
    (I went to Post Office at Chimney Corners, on Far West Blvd. and made an appointment, which was several weeks out. (I called but could never get through: no answer.) At the appointment time, the clerk checked all paperwork to make sure everything is in order. He was very civil; he did not make any comments about the gender change.)

Snail mailed the following via registered mail:

  • Completed DS-11 form
  • Copy of court order (if changing name)
  • Copy of physician's statement
  • One passport photo (attached to DS-11 form).

ETA for new passport is approximately two weeks.

  • You cannot use form DS-82. I used DS-82 and got an email rejection saying "gender listed on your application is different from the one on your citizenship evidence". I also got a hard-copy letter to the same effect, which letter I had to include with my subsequent application.
    I ultimately used form DS-11.