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This page as Williamson-specific information on name & gender marker change.

Williamson County Page. TexasLawHelp.org


Please list only judges that you know firsthand to be sympathetic/supportive to name and gender marker changes by transgender people.


Judge Betsy Lambeth of the 425th District Court (all name changes go to her)



Please only include steps/procedures that are specific to this county. For steps/procedures that apply generally in Texas, please see the Main Page.

Instructions for Name Change only: In Williamson County, you must file in Georgetown, Tx:

  • Fill out the name change petition as found on TexasLawHelp.org
  • Get a set of fingerprints from the Sheriff's Office.
  • Get the name change petition notarized (the person operating the Help Desk in the Justice Center will do it for free)
  • File the petition and fingerpritns and fee in the District Clerk's office (in the Justice Center)
  • Receive contact information of your "Cause Number" and who to contact to schedule your court date
  • Contact said person (email), and schedule court date. (Do not negotiate days and times. Take the first available.)
  • Go to court. Arrive 30 min early. (In the Justice Center)
  • Bring the Final Court Order part of the name change petition
  • When your cause number is called, walk up to the judge and hand them your Final Court Order part of the petition
  • They might ask you questions (mine didn't), they'll sign it, and tell you to take it to the District Clerk's office to make it legal.
  • File your signed and official name change petition. Buy at least 4 certified copies. You'll need them.
  • Congrats, your name is changed!